It should go without saying that the safe operation of any power equipment requires that the equipment be maintained on a regular basis. Snowthrowers are certainly no exception - they need to be stored properly at the end of the winter season and have pre-season maintenance done before being called back into duty. Bob's Power Center offers complete maintenance and service for your snowthrower - year 'round!

   Here are some light maintenance tips that any owner can use to keep their snowthrower in peak (and safe) operating condition:

  1. Change the oil. This is a relatively easy procedure that can be accomplished with common household tools. Benefits to your showthrower's engine are many - less wear, longer life, easier starting, and more. Be sure to use the correct weight of motor oil and follow the Owner's Manual for details that apply to your particular model.

  2. Check for loose bolts or nuts and tighten them. Take care to use the correct size and type wrench for the job so you don't strip the threads or the nut.

  3. Check your drive system. Many snowthrowers use belts for drive and you should inspect belts for any signs of cracking or dry rot. Belts should be clean and free of grease and dirt. Applying a spray or two of belt dressing can help lubricate the belt and keep it flexible for a longer period of time.

  4. Check your tires. Snowthrower performance and safety relies on traction. Your tires need to be inflated to the correct pressure for maximum bite in the slippery snow. Make sure any tire chains are securely attached.

  5. Pull your spark plug. Checking your spark plug can provide early warning signs of possible engine problems. Spark plugs in healthy engines should be relatively dry and have a light tan/gray coloring around the tip and the end of the insulator. If your plug has an extremely different coloring or is wet or broken, please contact us for proper servicing. Here is a chart that can help you "read" your plug - it will open in a new window and you can save the chart to your computer or print it for reference. View Chart

  6. Use fresh, clean unleaded fuel. Don't leave gas in the "snowthrower" can over the summer and then use it come winter. Would you like a 6-month old glass of water? Well, your snowthrower doesn't like a tank of 6-month old gas. It'll run better with fresh gasoline.
Following these simple tips will help make your snowthrower dependable and safe which makes your job easier.

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