Dress For Safety

   Warm spring and summer days are the perfect cure to a winter of long underwear and heavy boots - shorts and sandals are the favorite outfit for many people all summer long (especially kids). In the summertime, any time is a good time to wear shorts! Any time except one - when you're going to mow the lawn. Casual dress is simply not appropriate or safe when you're using a lawnmower.
These tips can help keep you safe as you keep your lawn looking neat and tidy:

  1. Wear boots or heavy shoes whenever you mow the lawn. Never wear sandals or go barefoot. Steel-toed boots are the safest and any boot or shoe should have sufficient traction and fit properly.

  2. Wear eye protection. Ideally, you'll have a pair of goggles or safety glasses. While sunglasses do offer more protection than if your wore nothing at all, they should only be relied on if you don't have a pair of goggles or safety glasses. The drier your climate or the sandier your mowing area, the more you should be using proper eye protection.

  3. Put your shorts on after you're done mowing. Even if you have to sweat a little more while mowing, you'll want to be sure to wear long pants. Sand, pebbles, small sticks, and other items can be hurled out from underneath the mower at incredible speeds. You'll be glad that you didn't wear shorts should your legs ever be hit by one of the flying projectiles.

  4. Enjoy the sun - to a point. Your cheeks, ears, nose, shoulders, arms, and head are prime candidates for sunburn so be sure to cover them up. If you're the type that burns easily, be sure to cover up adequately to avoid overexposure to the sun. It generally takes between 30 - 60 minutes to mow the average lawn, which is sufficient time to burn sensitive skin - even on cloudy days! Use a sunscreen to help minimize the risk of sunburn and schedule lawnmowings later in the day once the sun has lost its intensity (but not too dark, though).

  5. Get a grip. It's not a bad idea to wear gloves when mowing your lawn. Not only can they reduce blisters and calluses, but gloves also help you maintain a surer grip on the controls should your hands sweat while you mow. Wear gloves that are thin enough to allow your hands to breathe and not so heavy as to get in the way of safe operation of the mower controls.

  6. Don't dangle. Avoid loose clothing, open jackets, long scarves, or other clothing that could be accidentally caught in moving parts.

  7. Plug your ears. Lawnmowers can be very loud and prolonged exposure to them can sometimes lead to hearing damage. If you are concerned about your hearing, wear safety earmuffs or use expandable foam earplugs while mowing.

       Be careful if you plan on using a portable stereo while mowing the lawn, not only is it possible to damage your hearing by trying to listen to music at a level higher than that of the mower but it also can make it much harder to hear sounds that can alert you to possible dangers while mowing (shouts, sounds of the blade contacting something). Young people and inexperienced operators especially should not be encouraged to listen to portable music players while using a lawnmower.

   Practice safe dressing habits and your next lawnmowing will be a safe one!

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Dress For Safety
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